about me

     My name’s Noor Mahmood, and I don’t have a middle name. I follow the faith of Islam. I’m Pakistani. I have brown skin. I have this and that – I am this and that; these are things that I came into this world being or having – even though I’ve learned to love my bright skin, and I’ve fell in love with my religion, these are still things that have been set out to be by the [universe].

Things that I’ve fell in love with, or become are things like cats (even though I’ve never even had one as a pet), Tumblr (more of a last year thing), or a self-loving person, a [feminist], etc. These are things that might change – these are things that make me who I am, today. I will look back at this, and see the person I was, I might even make fun of myself. I know in 7th grade, I was band-obsessed, semi-emo, in love with Tumblr, etc. Ironically, that is not really anything like myself, today.

Today, I’d like to think of myself as a growing, and always-changing person. Right now, I can say that I love myself so dearly, and I am still learning to love myself (even more), every single day. These past few years seem to be the only years I really remember. These past few years have been really weird, too – like I have legit been changing a lot. As I was saying, I’ve become more positive, and a whole “self-love” type of person. My goals had always been straight forward, but I think they weren’t what I wanted – or just not how I wanted to approach them, because I’ve experienced a lot on the way there.

So, who am I? Today, I’m a brown woman who loves herself, and tries/thinks it’s important to love other fellow women. I am trying to take care of myself. I am making a lot of mistakes. I am so flawed. I’ve learned to accept that, because I’m a growing fourteen-year old. I am learning, I am letting myself learn. I am ready for what this school year brings me, even though I sense it will be of lots of stress, and more change. Let’s do this.



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