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     My name’s Noor Mahmood, and I don’t have a middle name. I follow the faith of Islam. I’m Pakistani. I have brown skin. I have this and that – I am this and that; these are things that I came into this world being or having – even though I’ve learned to love my bright skin, and I’ve fell in love with my religion, these are still things that have been set out to be by the [universe].

Things that I’ve fell in love with, or become are things like cats (even though I’ve never even had one as a pet), Tumblr (more of a last year thing), or a self-loving person, a [feminist], etc. These are things that might change – these are things that make me who I am, today. I will look back at this, and see the person I was, I might even make fun of myself. I know in 7th grade, I was band-obsessed, semi-emo, in love with Tumblr, etc. Ironically, that is not really anything like myself, today.

Today, I’d like to think of myself as a growing, and always-changing person. Right now, I can say that I love myself so dearly, and I am still learning to love myself (even more), every single day. These past few years seem to be the only years I really remember. These past few years have been really weird, too – like I have legit been changing a lot. As I was saying, I’ve become more positive, and a whole “self-love” type of person. My goals had always been straight forward, but I think they weren’t what I wanted – or just not how I wanted to approach them, because I’ve experienced a lot on the way there.

So, who am I? Today, I’m a brown woman who loves herself, and tries/thinks it’s important to love other fellow women. I am trying to take care of myself. I am making a lot of mistakes. I am so flawed. I’ve learned to accept that, because I’m a growing fourteen-year old. I am learning, I am letting myself learn. I am ready for what this school year brings me, even though I sense it will be of lots of stress, and more change. Let’s do this.



  1. haleyl2001

    I am glad that you aren’t afraid to express yourself when people may not accept it. You gave an insightful view of your life, not wanting to leave out your opinion, either. You can admit that you are continuously changing and may not be who you thought you were previously.

  2. lauryn2017mds

    I love this post! This post is different from most because people usually don’t really open up, but I can tell you’re being totally honest and I love it! I relate to this very much (except I’m white). Is school stressful as you predicted?
    Best wishes,
    P.S Awesome comment on my blog.

    • sxnoor

      Hi Lauryn. Thank you! After being told to write about myself, I thought it would have been more interesting to write about myself, while being aware that this is just who I am right now; so you can see I did like a spin off of the thought. School is pretty stressful, but it’s pretty much my fault because I’m a procrastinator. How’s school for you?

  3. chantela100701

    Hello Noor I really loved you post. It was so uplifting and so powerful. It gives up so much insight on not only who you are on the outside but the inside and your character as a person . I love how you also focused on how women should respect themselves and talk about your religion, keep up the good work and come visit my blog at http://chantela100701.edublogs.org/

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