Dear Class of 2021,

Welcome to high school. Middle school is a lot different than high school; you’ll see you get way more homework and learning to do by yourself. In middle school, everything is almost spoon fed to you. But here, you will have to learn, actually learn, concepts and theories and all the stuff you probably don’t have interest in. Take interest in it, though. Take interest in your grades. Take interest in yourself. Things will change in high school, maybe not only academically. It is what it is. You’ll survive. You’ll do good. Do your homework, even if you’re the biggest procrastinator – do what you can do get by and just make it to honor roll. Study, even if it’s something you never did before. Pay attention, even if you could pass by last year on your phone all the time. Take interest in yourself, no one else will for you.

Good luck, Noor

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