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Kumba’s ‘Global Issues: Muslim Woman

     I commented on Kumba’s post about the issue of how people perceive the ideas of Islam like the covering of the women, and how much stigma they create. I commented on this specific post because I think it is super important to talk about this topic, mostly because most people are not educated on it. As hijab is debated whether mandatory or not, it is encouraged by many Muslim women and men, and is a norm. But, many Muslim women choose simply not to wear a headscarf – and it is important to recognize that it does not make them any less of a Muslim person. I find it heartwarming to hear Kumba talk about this topic. I was in her shoes not too long ago.

     Judit’s Poem ‘Conquer

     I commented on Judit’s post of her poem titled “Conquer”. I chose to comment under this post because I read her poem, and really loved it. Her poem perpetuates the idea of conquering issues, instead of settling. Her poem encourages yourself to be able to tackle your foes. And of course, her inspiration being Rupi Kaur’s “Milk and Honey”, I could tell she likes the style of Kaur’s writing, as her’s was just as good!

Iqra’s ‘The Secret Earth Killers

     I commented on Iqra’s post about the issue of the human race destroying the Earth by disposing products like plastic. I chose to comment on this post because I equally think it is as important to care about the Earth and to recognize that we are destroying the Earth. I believe it important to do things that we can to save our Earth – simply like disposing plastic to recyclable bins, or just limiting our plastic waste.

Yahshua’s ‘The Scourge of Terrorism

     I commented on Yahshua’s post about the issue of terrorism and how it’s common to see today due to recent events. I found this post interesting because I hadn’t seen a lot of people post about the topic, and as Yahshua said, it is a thing people feel for, for only a quick minute. I believe it is important to educate ourselves on current day terrorism and it’s history.

Casey’s ‘Puerto Rican Culture

     I commented on Casey’s post about her culture, Puerto Rican. It was an interesting read because it talked about it’s food and festivals. I related to these two things, as my family’s culture carries a lot of pride with our food and local holidays/festivals. I am glad Casey is not ashamed of her culture in any way – where her family is ‘from’, is really nice and cool to see.

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