A Poem

Photo by myself, Noor Mahmood

There is light within a bad day.

There will come potential for a better, brighter one.

Your thoughts will close in and you will feel like you cannot breathe, but you remind yourself: it is okay because there is potential in every single minute. Make it good, you have the opportunity to.


  1. Y.M.

    I really like the picture you posted. How many tries did you take to get it? Also, what was your inspiration for your poem? It follows the optimism-out-of-adversity format. Have you made similar poems like this beforehand?

    • sxnoor

      Thank you! This was my first try, my camera was having a good day I guess. I didn’t need much inspiration for this, I think the fact that the photograph was capturing a dark day with a peak of sunlight was enough. I do write poems (more like entries) like these often.

  2. Ola

    Hey Noor,
    I really like the picture you took, it looks professional.
    Great poem and keep up the good work!

  3. caaseyl

    Hey Noor, I love this poem . I love how you say ” there will come potential for a better, brighter one”. I needed this today ! KEEP WRITING POETRY!

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